Special Activities

  • We have the wonderful Miss Deb from Milestones in Music come in every week providing music class for each age group. The children use instruments, songs, books, and more as they learn through music.
  • Once a week the fabulous Miss Lynn from Kidnastics comes in and provides the children with gym class. Gym class is an exciting time for the children and focuses on developing strength, flexibility, coordination, and self-esteem with games, music, and obstacle courses.
  • Once a month our Preschool, Pre-K and school age children visit the VNA center on our campus to play games, do crafts and sing songs with the senior citizens. This is a special treat for the residents and instills respect, caring, and values in our students.
  • On some days in which schools are closed, we take our school age children on field trips to local parks, play centers, restaurants, and other places of interest to promote fun and practice social etiquette.
  • Throughout each month there are special events and holiday parties in which we invite families and encourage parent participation.